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  LPG prices: Retail Price Tbilisi 2.70 GEL per kg, wholesale price 2,200 GEL per ton (delivery to any region across Georgia)

     Welcome to R.I.G. GAS Ltd

R.I.G. Gas LTD was founded in September 2012 by Ukrainian and Georgian partners. R.I.G. Gas is a merger of financial capital of Ukrainian partners and existing LPG assets of Georgian partners who have been in business since 1997. As of today, R.I.G. Gas owns in Tbilisi and rents in Poti 2 gas storage facilities with total storage capacity over 500 tons.
The company is partnering with Socar Georgia Petroleum and focuses on LPG wholesale trading.

      Our vision:
To lead in providing clean energy solutions through delivering LPG packages for home and business in a sustainable manner

      Our mission:
To bring LPG and LPG –appliancies to Georgian market  tailoring these products to the needs of business and residential customers to satisfy growing needs in ecologicaly clean energy solutions at a reasonable price.


      Tbilisi Terminal

The Terminal is located on the 7th km of Kakhety Highway, Tbilisi. The Terminal occupies the territory of 20,000 sq.m. providing space for gas storage facilities with the reservoirs of 225-ton capacity with a railway siding. The company possesses extra railway reservoirs with total capacity of 300 tons to provide additional mobile storage space. Currently the LPG trade center is under reconstruction. The LPG trade center provides a choice of LPG appliances for business and residential customers.